"I need a second opinion about my case."

"Had I not found your website, I would still be paying money to my "helper." When you told me I was not eligible for adjustment of status because I entered illegally, I had already paid over $2,000 to this "immigration consultant" and still owed him $3,000. After I received your answer, I did some digging and found out that this guy was not even a lawyer and was just taking money from me (and other immigrants like me). Although I was very disappointed to find out that I cannot adjust my status while in the United States, I appreciate your honest reply. You answer saved me thousands of dollars.

- Helen, Miami, FL "

Usual legal consultation fee in immigration cases is $150-$350; you pay only $49.95.

Ask question from comfort of your home. You don't need to spend time going to attorney's office and waiting in the waiting room.

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Yakov Spektor Since beginning private practice in the area of Immigration Law, Yakov Spektor, Esq. helped thousands of new immigrants obtain their legal status in the United States and saved many hundreds from deportation. He is a skilled practitioner in the area of Immigration Law and has appeared in Courts across the U.S.

Yakov Spektor is admitted to practice law in New York, as well as in New York's Eastern and Southern Federal Districts. More »

Do you think your lawyer might be dishonest with you? Do you think you might want a second opinion, but going to another lawyer is expensive. Also, what if another lawyer also lies to you, just to get your case? Where can you get an unbiased second opinion?

Ask us.

Just $49.95 for an email consultation. One of our attorneys will reply to you within the same day. If your initial inquiry does not contain enough information to provide you with the proper advice, we will reply with additional questions that will allow us to provide you with a professional assessment of your situation. Safe, secure, guaranteed - an answer from an attorney who is an expert in immigration law.

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About Immigration Law

The United States immigration system is extremely complex and constantly changing.

Unfortunately, many individuals wrongly assume that, since most immigration applications are form-based, the underlying laws are also simple and straightforward. Many of our clients come to us after they have made mistakes on their own or after mistakes have been made by "immigration specialists" who handled their cases. These mistakes, however, can be very difficult and costly to correct.

Only an experienced immigration attorney can ensure that you and your family get the best possible advice so that the first time you apply for the immigration benefits is a success.