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Dear Stanley Smotritsky: Thanks for your help! I live in Dominican Republic and wanted to ask experienced U.S. immigration attorney how to obtain a work visa to the United States. I called many immigration attorneys in the U.S. but all of them either refused to answer my questions over the phone or asked at least $150 for consultation. For under 50 bucks, I got specific answers to my question from attorneys at I told all my coworkers in Dominican Republic about this website and many of them have already used this site and received answers to their questions.

Sincerely yours,

- Andres, Santo Domingo, DR

Dear Mr. Smotritsky and Mr. Spektor: I am very pleased with assistance that I received from attorneys at I wanted to bring my fiance from Ukraine, but could not afford to pay attorney $1200-$1500 for completing the forms in addition to paying $600 in USCIS filing fees. I tried doing everything myself, but stumbled on Affidavit of Support questions. I submitted my questions on and within 24hrs I had my answers from an immigration attorney. Thanks to assistance from this site, my fiance is already in the U.S. and I saved over one thousand dollars.


- Eugene, New Jersey, USA

I owe you my life! When I got a letter telling me to come to Immigration Court so they can deport me, I thought my life was over. I have a wife and two kids here! I thought I need to hide for the rest of my life! Thank you for all this email back and forth - you took your time to get my story and told me that I need a lawyer, because I should go to the hearing because I can beat this case. I got Cancellation of Removal and now apply for my green card. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Errol, NJ

Wow! Thanks for your prompt reply. I wanted to consult an immigration attorney regarding my husband.s immigration status for a long time, but I work 9-7 everyday and could not take a day off to go see an attorney. I decided to try your website and I am very impressed with your service. I submitted my question online when I was at work, by the time I got home, one of your immigration attorneys already sent me a reply. That was quick and easy!

- Diana, Brooklyn, NY

Thanks for your honest opinion. Had I not found your website, I would still be paying money to my "helper." When you told me I was not eligible for adjustment of status because I entered illegally, I had already paid over $2000 to this "immigration consultant" and still owed him $3000. After I received your answer, I did some digging and found out that this "immigration consultant" was not even an attorney and was just taking money from me (and other immigrants like me). Although I was very disappointed to find out that I cannot adjust my status while in the United States, I appreciate your honest reply. You answer saved me thousands of dollars.

- Helen, Miami, FL