Why Choose Us?

Our Unique Service

According to your own schedule, in the comfort and privacy of your home or office, you can describe your legal concern to a our attorneys. You can then secure a quick and inexpensive assessment of your legal rights or liabilities by a licensed attorney before committing any significant time or money to retain an attorney.

Learn what needs to be done - directly from our experienced attorneys.
The advantage of getting a low-cost legal consultation by email
  • Save money! The usual consultation fee in immigration cases is $150-$350: you pay only $49.95;
  • Save time! Ask a question from comfort of your home. Don't need to spend time going to attorney's office and waiting in waiting room;
  • Get a second opinion! If you already retained an immigration attorney, but have some concerns about how the case is going or want to get second opinion - use this inexpensive way to put your mind at ease.
  • Prepare a case on your own! If you decide to save money and fill out forms on your own, but run into some difficulties or have specific questions;
  • You are abroad and want to get answer from a licensed experienced U.S. immigration attorney.

Why not a free consultation? Here is the shocking truth about attorneys: they don't like to work for free. After 4 years in college, 3 years in law schools ($150,000 law school debt), and years of experience. they want to get paid for their work. So when you hear "free consultation," most likely you will get general answers to your questions or the "free consultation" will be "free" as long as you retain attorney for his services. We will provide specific answers to your specific questions. Our attorneys will review your information, research the law if necessary, and give you a comprehensive answer.

Why not other answer websites? There are several websites that act as referral services. They connect you to a variety of attorneys in variety of areas of law for a "referral fee" or "connection fee" or "processing fee" or whatever else they call it. We are the only law firm that specializes in immigration law and provide online advice directly from immigration attorneys. There is no "middle man" and there are no additional fees.

What if I am in a different U.S. State or abroad? Immigration law is federal and for the most part, the same across the U.S. (although there are some variations based on Circuit Court interpretation of the law). We can and frequently do advise clients all over the United States. We have represented clients in Texas, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Massachusetts, etc. Although we are licensed in NY and NJ we can provide consultation to clients all over U.S.